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Half Day Flash Photography - On Camera (Classroom)
Aimed at those who want to start using external flash guns on their cameras or want to find out how to use them to great effect.

  Flash Photography Level 1 - On Camera

Flash photography is one of the most mis-understood and feared areas of photography. yet it has the power to immediately take your photography to a higher quality level. As in so many areas of digital photography, the flash will do a pretty good job in most average conditions using auto settings, but it's when you start taking control of the flash, its power settings, its direction, its quality (hard or soft) that things really begin to happen. That's what this course is all about.

Please note that this is not a studio flash course, it is solely aimed at external dedicated flash guns.

What flash guns are suitable for this course?
All dedicated flash guns are suitable for this course. This includes Nikon SB600, SB700, SB800, SB900, SB910, Canon 430EX/EX II, 580 EX II and 600 RX along with the dedicated flash guns from Olympus, Sony and Panasonic. It also covers third party dedicated flash guns from the likes of Metz, Sigma and Nissin.

Major Flash Guns At the end of the course you will be able to understand and use all the the extra settings on your flash while also being able to take better shots in all situations.

Full Colour, illustrated pdf notes
Carefully worded and appropriately illustrated pdf notes (download link sent after of purchase) are an integral part of our courses. Because lectures tend to have an effect which lasts only a short while, particularly if no notes are taken, we believe our pdfs are the key to making your newly gained knowledge much more long-lasting (notes supplied via direct download as soon as you book the course). You will receive over 40 pages of full colour, detailed notes for the course.


Course Co-Ordinator
The course co-ordinator for this course is fine art photographer, Dave McKane. Dave graduated from the 3 Year Photography Course in Colaiste Dhulaigh, Dublin in 1985, and has over 30 years experience in creative photography. He got his first film SLR in 1982, owned multiple darkrooms, was an early adoption of a scanner (1989), Photoshop (1993), his first digital camera (2002) and Lightroom (2007), he has vast experience in the field of using photography as a creative expressive medium and has held multiple exhibitions of his own photography, mainly in the United States.
Dave's work can be seen in the following places:
Website | Facebook | Flickr | Instagram | Twitter
1 Flash terms
8 Bounce flash 15 Balance flash and ambient light
2 Flash modes 9 Adjusting bounce angle to get wider coverage 16 High-speed sync
3 Auto Zoom & Focal Length 10 Flash modifiers - bounce flash with no ceiling 17 Multiple flash firing
4 When to use Manual Zoom 11 Flash modifiers - bounce cards 18 Front Curtain/Rear Curtain (1st/2nd curtain)
5 When to use the Wide Angle Diffuser 12 Flash modifiers - softboxes 19 Use Off-Camera Cords to create shadows
6 Flash exposure compensation in camera or flash gun 13 Fill flash 20 Using wireless flash
7 Using ISO to increase the power of the flash 14 Creating a catchlight in eyes
21 Manual flash
Type Half Day Course
Length Half Day
Next Course Sunday 2 April
Time 10.00am-1pm
Fee €45.00
Early Bird Price €40 (before Friday 10 March)
All fees include €30 non-refundable registration fee, lunch not included
See our refund policy here.
Fee Includes Fee includes pdf of over 30 pages of tutorial notes
Venue 6 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2.
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