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Lightroom Level 1 - Beginners (LRL1)

Aimed at those who want learn how to use Lightroom to catalogue and enhance all of their photos - no previous knowledge required

8 Modules/45 Segments

  Lightroom Level 1 - Foundation Course

About the course

Lightroom can catalogue and hold 20 images or 20,000, fast! It doesn't touch your original shots, instead it changes the metadata to show the changes you've made. When you view your library, Lightroom is actually calling up an internal library of small thumbnails rather than full-size images. The advantage here is performance: Lightroom only has to work with smaller images, which makes it faster.

This course will show you how to the best out of the Library Module and will set you up with an efficient and effective workflow method.

This course also brings you through the specific techniques needed to produce professional quality photos at almost any size. The key concept on this course will be "non-destructive editing". The great advantage of non-destructive editing in Lightroom® is that you can easily change image effects or adjustments weeks or months later without having to undo all the work done. It also allows quick editing and increased flexibility. Everyone who uses Lightroom® should know these techniques because they really make Lightroom® very powerful.


Non-destructive editing

Essentially non-destructive editing begins in the Camera when you shoot and save your images in RAW format. It then moves on to Lightroom where you can use its many sliders and controls to best prepare the image final editing.

High Resolution original source files will be supplied to each student so you can work on the same photos that are in the notes and that the tutor is working on as well. We believe this aproach is a significant aid to learning what can be very complex techniques.

Lightroom CC® is the software used for the training and in the notes. Most of the techniques shown though will apply to all versions of the sofware.

Full Colour, Illustrated PDF Tutorial Notes

Full colour, illustrated PDF tutorial notes which are carefully worded and appropriately illustrated are an integral part of our courses. Because lectures tend to have an effect which lasts only a short while, particularly if no notes are give out, we believe our handouts are the key to making your newly gained knowledge much more long-lasting. As part of that philosophy you will receive detailed notes covering the whole course that will both aid learning both while on the course and in the weeks and months afterwards.

Importing Your Shots Into Lightroom
Getting your photos into Lightroom from either Memory Cards or external Hard Disks
Assigning Custom Names
Creating Metadata Presets
Embedding Copyright and Contact Information
Creating and assigning Keywords
Create your own File Naming Templates
Setting the right Preferences for Importing Shots
Organising Your Photos Within The Library Module
Viewing your shots
Sorting your shots
Using Collections to organise your shots
Using Stacking to group similar photos
Using the embedded Metadata in your shots
Adding new Metadata
Finding shots quickly
Add your own name and logo to shots
Renaming older shots
Backing up the Lightroom Database
Organising Your Photos Within The Library Module
Correcting white balance
Seeing the before and after edit
Applying changes made to one image to two or more images
How to set an overall exposure
Using the Clarity Slider to add punch to an image
Making colours look more vibrant but not garish
Using a tone curve to add more contrast
Adjusting individual colours using the HSL Panel
Adding Vignettes to images
Creating a gritty high-contrast look
Use Virtual Copies to make different edits to the same image
Editing a multiple images together with auto sync
Fixing Common Problems
Creating a quick slide show
Customising the look of a slide show
Creating creative backgrounds
Drop shadows and strokes
Adding text and watermarking
How to add opening and closing title slides
Using background music
Changing slide duration and fade length
Sharing slide shows
Sending Images Directly To Photoshop Or Elements
Setting up how images are sent to Photoshop or Elements
How to transfer over to Photoshop/Elements
Adding Photoshop automation to a Lightroom workflow
Double-processing Photoshop with Smart Objects
Creating Panoramas using Photoshop
Exporting JPEGs
Adding Watermarks
Emailing from Lightroom
Exporting the original Raw file
How To Adjust Small Parts Of An Image
Fixing high contrast images
Noise Reduction
Undoing changes
Lights Out cropping
Straightening images
Dust removal on multiple images
Removing spots
Removing red eye
Correcting lens distortion
Correcting edge vignettes
Removing Chromatic Aberrations (CA)
Camera Calibration


Course Presenter
The course presenter for this course is fine art photographer, Dave McKane. Dave graduated from the 3 Year Photography Course in Colaiste Dhulaigh, Dublin in 1985, and has over 30 years experience in creative photography. He got his first film SLR in 1982, owned multiple darkrooms, was an early adoption of a scanner (1989), Photoshop (1993), his first digital camera (2002) and Lightroom (2007), he has vast experience in the field of using photography as a creative expressive medium and has held multiple exhibitions of his own photography, mainly in the United States.
Dave's work can be seen in the following places:

Website | Facebook | Flickr | Instagram | Twitter
Course Code LRL1
Modules 8 Modules/45 Segments
Learning Hours 8 Hours
Course Fee $79.99
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