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ON SITE COMPANY TRAINING (Ireland) Tailored training sessions to suit your specific needsOne to One Training Sessions are the most effective way of getting the information you need, fast. We tailor these sessions to suit your needs and will cover as many areas as you need within the time available. Where relevant we will provide lecture notes as appropriate to your needs from our vast catalogue of Photography, Video and Software Training Material.

Our One-to-One training sessions cover ONLY the areas relevant to your needs. This training is ideal for companies who wish to bring their photography in-house, and for those wishing to start up their own photography business. This can be camera or software related or both; you decide. Advice on equipment and software purchase can also be supplied. Half day sessions are available in your own office. Up to four people can attend these training sessions. Rates start at €200 per quarter day.

"As part of large Irish software telecoms company, we are always looking a new ways to train and communicate with our staff, partners, and customers.
Due to the global reach of our company we have employed video as a means of training and knowledge sharing to our colleagues and customers across the world. In the age of YouTube, this is the new normal for absorbing new technology, or delivering new training to a customer.
Having attended a few courses at the Institute of Photography, we asked Dave McKane to assist us to ‘get us off Auto’. After an initial requirements gathering meeting, we worked out the specific training and equipment required. This resulted in a one day on-site training course customised to our needs.
After one day’s on-site custom training we were able to achieve sub-broadcast high definition quality video using entry level DSLR equipment that was sharp, perfectly lit, and sounded great.
We would recommend Institute of Photography for an organisation that wants to perfect the corporate video recording techniques."

Training can include any or all of the following, within the allotted time. We are also happy to chat with you about your specific needs:

  • Camera training (any brand, any model)
  • Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements on Mac's or PC's
  • On camera/off camera Flash
  • Studio Flash Lighting
  • Setting up a photography studio for your own product photography
  • Product photography training
  • Shooting high quality video with digital SLRs
  • Getting the right quality sound
  • Editing video with Camtasia on Mac's or PC's
  • Setting up a video recording facility on your own premises
  • Equipment purchasing decisions

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at

Length 4 Hours or 2 Hours
Type One to One Training Session
Time Any time
Fee €400 or €200
Please note that travel fees may be extra depending on the distances involved. Please contact us for details.
You can see our refund policy here.
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If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at

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